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The Rockefeller Ice Rink

The Rockefeller Center ice rink is now open until 23rd February 2019

Winter is already coming in New York City. It's is now possible to skate at the famous Rockefeller Center until February 23, 2019.

Everything You Need to Know About New York Passes?

If you are going to multiply visits in New York City, you absolutely have to book a pass. Here's everything you need to know about the passes.
edgar street new york

Where is the shortest street in New York City ?

New York City is famous for its long streets and avenues. But do you know where is the shortest street in the Big Apple? The winner is...
Imagine central park New York

Strawberry Fields: the New York tribute to John Lennon

Strawberry Fields is a special place in Central Park. This memorial is dedicated to John Lennon, who co-founded the Beatles.

What you have to know before taking a photo with the Times Square Characters

In the heart of Times Square, there are a lot of Superheroes... Here is what you need to know about the famous Times Square Characters.
New York City Pass

How to avoid the rise up of the price of the New York City...

As every year, on March 1st, the New York City Pass adjusts its price. Here's why and, most importantly, how to avoid rising if you are going to New York City this year.
Screenshot of the official website for ESTA.

Do I need to apply for ESTA for my flight stop in the USA?

If you make a stop in the United States to continue to an another destination, be careful: you must ask for a special ESTA! Let me explain to you.
house new york

Discover the narrowest house in New York

The streets of Manhattan always have surprises! During your stay in New York Vity, go past this house who looks like no other.
Flatiron new york 13

New York, a city afraid of the number 13

In hotels and buildings in New York City, you will not often meet a 13th floor... New York is a "Triskaidekaphobia"’ city!

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