New York Restaurants Guide

Eating is really not an issue in New York City: you will find every kind of food and restaurants for all budgets! Hamburgers, pizzas, gourmet cuisine, steak houses... Enjoy your meal!


Burger in New York City

Burgers and Delis

In New York City, forget about McDonald's and Burger King : ask for a real American burger ! Enjoy also the Delis, these typical restaurants serving smoked meat sandwiches.
American Diner Restaurant


The Diners are a real American curiosity ! These restaurants offer retro decor that brings you back to the 50s. Welcome to the golden age of America. James Dean and Marylin are not far !
American Meat in New York City

American Restaurants

The American cuisine is not only burgers and hot dogs. Here are addresses that offer more elaborate dishes with quality products and balanced menus.

Italian Restaurants and Pizzas

New York City is the American capital of pastas and pizzas ! And for one good reason : many Italian immigrants settled in New York City in the late 19th and early 20th century. Buon appetito !
French cuisine

French Restaurants

You have never been to France ? In New York City, you are not so far from France : New York has several restaurants opened by French expatriates. Try the onion soup or the traditionnal "pot-au-feu".
sushi New York

Asian Food

New York houses a large Asian community from China, Thailand and Vietnam : so you will be able to continue your culinary journey even more to the West !
Guacamole in New York

International food

Indian, Argentinean, Spanish, Mexican, Turkish... In New York City, you will find every kind of food and all the specialties of the world. An incredible gastronomic journey !
fish restaurant New York


Because New York City is a harbour, you will obviously find fish restaurants. Or course, I recommend you to try the lobster, a product which comes from Maine, the state next door.
Salad in New York

Organic and Vegetarian Restaurants

If you are looking for vegetarian or organic food, New York City is a place for you. The number of organic or vegetarian restaurants has grown a lot in few years. You will also be able to try oriental and asian flavors !

Bar and lounges


Bars and lounges

If you want to have a drink, you will find plenty of places in New York City ! Here are some places that I like because they have a little something that you will not find elsewhere...

On the go

Sandwich in New York

Sandwichs and bakeries

You keep running from a visit to a tour ? So here are the good and cheap places where you will be able to eat on the go or enjoy something sweet. In New York City, you will also find french bakeries !

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