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Founded in 1950, three blocks south of the World Trade Center, George’s Restaurant had to be demolished after 9/11, due to structural damages. The owners George and his son Billy made the decision to rebuild. George’s Restaurant is back and open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Enjoy a wide selection of burgers, sandwiches and wraps.

The Harold

Founded in 2014, The Harold is located in the heart of Herald Square. This "american bistro" is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The menu features french and american culinary specialties, from the traditionnal french onion soup to the american burgers. Try also the lobster mac & cheese! And follow my advice: grab a table on the mezzanine to enjoy a view on Herald Square!

Westway Diner

This family owned restaurant has been established in 1988 in the Hells Kitchen district. The decor is typical with wide benches and murals depicting New York City. The 8-page menu features all the american recipes: salads, burgers, pastas and cakes. Open everyday from 6 AM to 1 AM.
This Spanish restaurant is named after a small village in the North-West of Spain, Tomiño, in Galicia. The 2 Spanish chefs, Fran Novás and Rogelio Garcia, ropose all the main spanish recipes : bacalao, chipirones, chorizo, menestra de verdura, pimientos del padron... You can also order Spanish wines from the Bierzo and the Duero regions.
Located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, Charlie Palmer Steak New York is a modern American steakhouse founded by the chef Charlie Palmer. The menu features american recipes like the Ceasar salad, burgers and ribeye. Note that the menu depends on the season and that all the products come from surrounding Northeast and Mid-Atlantic waterways and farmlands.

Bagel Boss

Founded 50 years ago in Long Island, Bagel Boss is now in Manhattan. Enjoy a wide selection of bagels and ask for your toppings. What about the bagel with salmon and cream cheese ? This one is my favourite ! :-)

Da Andrea

Da Andrea is a traditional italian restaurant founded in 2001 by Andrea Vecchietti and GianPietro Branchi, two chefs from the Emilia Romagna region. The specials change daily according to the fresh product they find on the market and all of the pastas and focaccias are home made. During the summer, you can enjoy your dinner on the sidewalk patio. The Emilia Romagna is not so far!
What about heading to Hoboken to try a real burger ? Located near the Hoboken Path Station and the Hudson River, Bareburger Hoboken offers you a wide selection of burgers. You can also compose your own burger : choose your toppings, from onions to blue cheese, from potatoes to duck meat. Note that all the products are organic and there are no added colors, artificial flavors or synthetic substances.

Tivoli Cafe

Founded in 2016 near the Flatiron Building and the Madison Square Park, Tivoli Cafe is a family restaurant featuring american cuisine in a contemporary atmosphere. On the menu: burgers, salads, meats, pastas... Don't forget also the specialty of the house: grilled chicken. For you dessert, you will hesitate between cheese cake, fudge, brownie or carrot cake.
In 1926, at the time of the prohibition, Frankie and Johnnie's was a secret place. The customers had to give a password ("Frankie" or "Johnnie") to access the restaurant through a back door... Of course, times has changed now. But Frankie & Johnnie's Steakhouse still have regulars clients and tourists who come to taste steaks, ribs or T-Bones, à la carte or according to the menu. Note that the restaurant has two addresses in New York.