The World’s Finest Knishes since 1910 !

Trattoria Trecolori

Located in the Theatre District, Trattoria Trecolori is a family owned and family run restaurant since 1991. The original owner, Joaquin Gonzalez, or "Jack", is now succeeded by his three sons Marco, Victor and Phil. The menu is purely italian with a wide selection of pastas, from the spaghetti alla carbonara to the linguine alla vongolle. Ask also for the Ricotta Cheesecake, the Tiramisu, the Carmel Custard or the Chocolate Cake : everything is homemade !

Shake Shack

Welcome to Shake Shack, a "roadside" food stand in Madison Square Park, serving burgers, hot dogs, frozen custard, beer, wine and more. As part of the ongoing renaissance of the historic park, Danny Meyer's Union Square Hospitality Group partnered with the Madison Square Park Conservancy to launch Shake Shack in Summer 2004. Designed by architecture firm SITE Environmental Design, Shake Shack blends harmoniously with the park and its surroundings.

Zinc Bar

Next to the Washington Square Park, in the Greenwich Village area, the Zinc Bar changes along the hours... During the day, you can ask for a real cappuccino from an authentic "vintage cappuccino machine" then you can play chess or participate to tango lessons on sundays. At night, get ready for the concerts ! Check out their website to find out all the events.

Skylight Diner

A few steps aways from the New Yorker Hotel and Penn Station, the Skylight Diner was founded by Teddy and George in 1996. The menu features soup of the day, salads, pastas, eggs, sandwiches, burgers... The restaurant is opened 7 day a week, 24 hours ! You can also order online : delivery area from 12th Avenue to 6th Avenue, between 44th and 23rd Streets.

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