Empire State Building: The 102nd Floor Observatory Is Closed Until July 2019


The Empire State Building is getting a facelift! Until 29 July 2019, the observatory located on the 102nd floor is closed for a complete renovation.

Be careful though: this does not mean that the entire Empire State Building is closed to the public until July 29, 2019! The Empire State Building has 3 observatories: a large reception observatory on the 80th floor, the main outdoor observatory on the 86th floor and a small observatory on the 102nd floor. It is therefore only this last observatory that is closed for work.

The 102nd floor is only accessible in option : 

It should also be mentioned that few people visit the 102nd floor observatory because this observatory is not included in the normal price entrance, neither in the VIP queue cutter entrance nor in the New York passes. To access the 102nd floor observatory, you must pay an additional $20 fee. Is the 102nd floor worth it? Several members of the New York forum say that the view does not deserve this additional amount.
The Empire State Building does not yet provide any details on the renovation of the 102nd floor and it is not yet clear whether the supplement will be maintained and how the new observatory will look. So, keep in touch ! 🙂

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