New York, a city afraid of the number 13

In hotels and buildings in New York City, you will not often meet a 13th floor... New York is a "Triskaidekaphobia"’ city!

If you are superstitious, here is an article that should allow you to ward off the evil spell! In New York City, as in the rest of the United States, you will find very quickly that the Americans are triskaïdekaphobic, that is to say they are afraid of all who relates to the number 13, the cursed number which corresponds to the number of guests at the last meal of Christ.
In hotels and old buildings, you will rarely find a 13th floor: the elevator goes directly from the 12th to the 14th floor, the 13th floor being renamed 14th floor. In some buildings, the number 13 is sometimes replaced by 12A or, it is rarer, by the letter M, the 13th letter of the alphabet.

The risk of scaring customers

ascenseur new york
A lift without 13th floor…

The superstition around the number 13 dates back to the Middle Ages in Europe, but it was very well imported into the United States. Moreover, some real estate developers still prefer to avoid the opening of a 13th floor rather than risking running away from investors.
It’s the same in hotels: managers prefer to avoid the opening of a 13th floor rather than having to handle incessant requests for room changes.
Is New York City going to overcome its triskaïdekaphobia? In any case, the new buildings gradually begin to retain a 13th floor that clearly shows its number.

Valentin Fastré

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