New York City has a new subway line

The Second Avenue Subway opened it's doors on the 31st of december 2016. A new way to save time while visiting New York City.

New York City starts 2017 with a first huge novelty: a subway line opened it’s doors on the 31st of december 2016 at noon. The new line Q passes under Central Park and continues straight under the Second Avenue, serving the east side of the Upper East Side (see map above).
It had been almost 100 years since a subway line of several stations had not been created in New York! The governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, was also very amused by the situation on Twitter: “Now open: the #SecondAvenueSubway. Because in New York, we never give up. Even if it takes us 100 years.”

Very useful to visit the Upper East Side

The “new line” is actually an extension of the Q line, which connected Midtown to Coney Island.The extension under Second Avenue will make it easier to travel if your hotel is in the Upper East Side. And if your hotel is located on Times Square, Midtown or Downtown, the new Q-line will allow you to reach the Upper East Side faster.
The “new line” is also practical if you want to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Guggenheim Museum or take a ride aboard the Roosevelt Island tramway.

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