Valentine’s Day in New York: kissing in Times Square

Until March 6, 2016, discover the romantic and interactive work installed on Times Square.

Times Square is ready for Valentine’s Day! Every year since 2008, the Times Square Alliance is organizing a design competition on the theme of love: artists and architects from around the world are invited to submit a project of a huge heart.
This year, Times Square Arts has selected “Heart of Hearts” by Collective-LOK (CLOK) as the winning design.

9 big hearts

A l'intérieur des coeurs... (Photo CLOCK)
Inside the hearts… (Photo CLOK)

“Heart of Hearts is a space for intimacy and performance within this spectacular atmosphere”, explain the designers. Within the ring, diamond-shaped spaces inside each heart create “kissing booths” where couples find their activities mirrored, allowing both privacy and publicity within the Heart of Hearts. “Each pavilion reflects and multiplies the pulsating activity of Times Square, creating a kaleidoscopic interior that dissolves the boundaries between viewing and performing”, explain the designers.
“Heart of Hearts” will be in place from 9 February to 6 March 2016. Who will be there? 🙂

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