New York City Welcomed Record 58.3 Million Visitors In 2015

46 million domestic visitors and 12.3 million international visitors came to New York City last year.

New York City is still going up! Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that 2015 was the sixth consecutive year for record-breaking tourism, with the Big Apple welcoming an estimated 58.3 million visitors last year, an increase of 1.8 million visitors over 2014. Visitation for last year comprised 46 million domestic visitors and 12.3 million international visitors, both all-time highs.
Of New York City’s four largest international markets, all demonstrated growth last year. UK remains at the first place with 1.192 million visitors last year, behind Canada (1.072 million), Brazil (926,000) and China (852,000). Note that China showed the largest rate of growth, with a 14 percent increase.

“The most exciting big city in America”

“2015 marked a new milestone for NYC tourism”, said Mayor Bill de Blasio, “As the safest and most exciting big city in America, we have so many rich offerings that continue to make the five boroughs a global draw”.
And New York is not going to take a rest. “With the continuing pressure on the global economy and the strengthening dollar, we will all need to work even harder in 2016 to sustain our competitive edge”, said Fred Dixon, New York tourist office CEO, “The City continues to evolve, always offering fresh reasons to visit again and again, with more new developments on the horizon

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