Star Wars in New York City


While Star Wars Episode VII is released, followers of the "Photoshop force" transposed the movie in New York City...

Star Wars New York
The Millennium Falcon crashed in the Downtown (Photo Nicolas Amiard)

The Force also awakens in New York City ! While the last episode of the interstellar saga of George Lucas came out on screens, many malicious photographers had fun and imagine New York City in the Star Wars World. The result is amazing ! Here’s a new episode of Star Wars:

Stormtrooper in New York City

The United States Department of Homeland Security enrolled Darth Vader’s soldiers ! The Empire State is a real Empire State…

New York Star Wars

Darth Vader in Brooklyn

If you visit Brooklyn, stay alert: Darth Vader was seen trying to walk on Ainslie Street… A photo-montage by Henry Hargreaves.

Dark Vador à New York

Attack in New York City

Empire’s war machine patrolling the streets of New York. Photo by Henry Hargreaves.

New York Star Wars

The Death Star above New York City

The Death Star just above New York City. The Emperor and his troops can now easily do their shopping on the Fifth Avenue. Space is good but New York is better! 🙂

New York Star Wars

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