The view from the One World Observatory


CBS broadcasted "CBS This Morning" live from the One World Observatory. An opportunity to discover new views!

CBS at the top! (Photo DR)

The countdown continues! Eight days before the opening of the One World Observatory, on May 29th, CBS broadcasted “CBS This Morning” live from the observatory.
The anchorman was more than happy to tell that “Nearly 14 years after September 11th, a great symbol of freedom is about to open to the world”.

“It’s a rebirth”

The mayor of New York Bill de Blasio was among the guests who had the opportunity to discover the observatory before the official openin. Bill de Blasio did not hide his emotion and pride, on the eve of the opening of the observatory. “It’s a rebirth”, the mayor said, “We’re back, 100%”.
If you want to discover some images of the One World Observatory, check out this video:

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