The man who runs faster than the New York subway

James Heptonstall challenged the New York subway in a unique race of its kind: "Race the Tube".

James Heptonstall is back! A few months ago, the young British had managed to achieve a crazy challenge: to run faster than the London Underground.
The idea is simple: get off of the train at the Mansion House station, exit the station and then run as fast as possible until the next station, Cannon Street, to jump in the same train before it left. A 400 meters sprint run full of pitfalls. But James Heptonstall won his bet !

From Wall Street to Bowling Green

On January 23rd, 2015, the British decided to challenge the New York subway. He choose the line 4 and get off at Bowling Green station to try to get in the train at the next station, Wall Street.
The sportsman said he had only 85 seconds to connect the two stations, running through two staircases and slaloming in the New York streets… Everything was filmed with a camera mounted on the head and his accomplice remained in the train, Noel Carroll. “Mind the closing doors! Ding, ding…”

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