NYPD testing out Smart Cars


The New York Police Department is testing a new vehicle: the Smart! The small car could replace the old scooters with three wheels.

While the Dubai police received in 2013 its new fleet of Lamborghinis, the New York police department will settle for far less luxurious cars. The NYPD director, Bill Bratton, announced the order of several Smarts for testing purposes.
The small city car built by Mercedes-Benz obviously take the colors of the NYPD, with white paint, blue letters, badge and beacon. Not to forget the motto of the NYPD : “Courtesy , Professionalism, Respect”.

One hundred orders

Un scooter à 3 roues du NYPD (Photo Kevin B.)
A NYPD scooter (Photo Kevin B.)

These small cars will replace the little 3 wheel scooters who walk the streets of New York today. The fleet of Smart will be used by NYPD officers to patrol Central Park but also in front of schools.
If the test is successful, the NYPD could order a hundred of these cars. Not sure the heros of CSI: NY will appreciate their new racing car…

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