About Us


    ©New York is a great adventure that began in 1999. Here is the epic History of this Website, from the very first pages to the Website you know today!

    Sean, our official runner for the New York City marathon!

    I’m really happy to welcome you on this website that I created in August 1999. Since then, the website has come a long way! Back on the New York adventure through the great dates of the site:

    August 1999

    La deuxième page du site, en 1999.
    Second page of the website in 1999.
    • I’m spending few days of vacation in New York City. It’s a sunny day in New York City and I’m quietly walking on the 42nd Street. I’m photographing the Chrysler building and, suddenly, comes the idea of ​​featuring these photos on the Internet.
    • In 1999, the Web had nothing to do with that we know today. Very few websites were online and, at this time, we had to use old-fashioned modems to access the Web. The word “blog” has not yet been invented, smartphones and tablets didn’t exist and everyone was taking pictures with good old films.
    • Initially, the idea of ​​the website was to become a website dedicated to New York photos. I was featuring my photos, previously scanned from paper prints, then, quickly, relatives and friends gave me their pictures. The adventure was launched!

    December 1999

    • More and more users were sending me emails and asked me questions about New York. So I opened a forum in order to answer the questions in a public way. This was the beginning of the ForumNY now accessible at www.forumny.com


    Lancement du nouveau nom !
    A new name!
    • One year later, in August, while the number of visitors rose, I decided to change the name of the website. Bye bye “Best of New York City”, hello “©New York”! Domain names were becoming easier to book and I took this opportunity to drop the URL you are using today: www.cnewyork.com
    • Why this name ©New York? At the beggining, my website only offers photos of New York and the name ©New York thus marks a nod to photography by combining the © symbol which indicates “Copyright” and the name “New York” . The small “c” inside the circle can be read “c New York”. In other words, “This is New York” in French and “see New York” in English.


    La Home du site le 11 septembre 2001.
    The Home Page on september 11th, 2001.
    • 2001 was obviously marked by the September 11 attacks in the United States. On that terrible day, the Home page allows everyone to follow the tragic events. The forum was full of messages of support to the victims and their families. ©New York became more than just a New York photos wesite: it became the meeting place for all french-speaking fans of New York.


    • I had a lot of fun to create a completely new little website: www.soundsofnewyork.com. The idea? Propose New York sounds I recorded during another stay there. The wesite is still online at the time you read this and you can listen to FDNY and NYPD sirens or the characteristic New York subway 🙂


    Adoption du logo actuel.
    The new logo is born!
    • The site website tried a new formula, now with a sober black background Home Page. Incidentally, instead of a single photo on the Home Page, I had fun to compose a photo-montage with New York views, including the Statue of Liberty. The logo also now evolving to use the yellow from the New York taxis.
    • In mid-January, cnewyork.net and soundsofnewyork.com sites were distinguished by Le Figaro, the main newspaper in France.


    • The forum passed the 50 000th post!


    • Launch of the shopping guide. The Website continues to grow with a new section that includes the addresses of the best shops, bars and restaurants in New York City.


    Angy et sa famille à New York !
    Angy and her family in New York City !
    • LForum quietly exceeds 100 000 messages! A new game was also launched that year: the “Members of the Times Square Webcam”. This idea was to say hello from New York City thanks to one the Webcams on Times Square with a “ForumNY.com” panel. The first will Angy with a giant sign 🙂
    • Since then, with the arrival of selfies, the concept has evolved. We welcome your shots!


    • Launch of the New York guide. This new section is as an online guide to New York, with all you need to know and see in New York City.


    • In January, we launch the magazine section. The idea is to follow the news in New York City, keeping you informed about exhibitions and other events not to be missed. The magazine receives many contributions, including Agnès and Philippe. If you want to help us and be one of our journalists, don’t hesitate to contact me by e-mail 🙂


    • Sean, notre premier coureur officiel !
      Sean, our first official runner!

      In November, ©New York was the first New York Website to participate to the New York Marathon. We were represented by Sean, our official runner. And Sean performs very well: despite the cold weather, he arrives at the end of the race and crossed the finish line in 4 hours 2 minutes and 12 seconds, an average of nearly 6 minutes per km! Sean was number 15025th on a little more than 50,000 participants and 1709th in his age class. Congratulations!


    • A new version of the Website comes online, with more technology in the air. 🙂


    If you have questions about ©New York, if you are a journalist and you want to write an article about us, if you want to contact us for any reason, don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail to site@cnewyork.net