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    In New York City, art is not limited to museums: you must also explore art galleries! Their exhibitions feature well-known artists but also young talents that challenge contemporary art.

    Inuit drawing from the Alaska on Madison collection.
    ACA Galleries

    ACA Galleries

    Founded in 1932, ACA Galleries specializes in 19th and 20th century American Art, Modern and Contemporary paintings, drawings and sculpture including American Impressionism. Artists as diverse as Charles White, David Smith or Yasuo Kuniyoshi had their first public exhibition at ACA. In 2008, ACA receives the "Art To Life Award" in honor of 75 years of promoting women in the arts.
    529 West 20th Street, 5th Floor.
    23 StShow on map

    Gallery 71

    Gallery 71 presents contemporary American artist prints with works about New York City by Frederick Mershimer or Marion Welch. The gallery can ship your purchases to America or Europa.
    974 Lexington Avenue, North West corner of 71 Street
    69 St - Hunter CollegeShow on map
    Louis K. Meisel Gallery

    Louis K. Meisel Gallery

    Louis K. Meisel Gallery is an art gallery specializing in contemporary art.
    141 Prince Street
    Spring StShow on map
    Marian Goodman Gallery

    Marian Goodman Gallery

    Fondé à New York en 1977, la Marian Goodman Gallery a également ouvert une succursale rue du Temple, à Paris, en 1999. Si vous êtes parisien, voilà une excellente occasion de comparer les oeuvres présentées des deux côtés de l'Atlantique ! Marian Goodman Gallery
    24 West 57th Street
    57 StShow on map
    Metro Pictures

    Metro Pictures

    Une galerie entièrement dédiée à l'art contemporain.
    Tibor de Nagy

    Tibor de Nagy

    Fondé en 1950, Tibor de Nagy est une galerie influente, spécialiste de l'art contemporain. Vous découvrirez peintures, sculptures et photographies.
    11 Rivington Street
    Bowery StationShow on map

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